Quantum Mechanics

Most of the other topics on these pages come out of classical (or Newtonian) Physics.  For our everyday lives, these are pretty good statements of how things work.  Unfortunately, classical Physics, as a discipline, has limits when it comes to describing the behavior of things that are very, very large (such as the Universe), moving very, very fast (as in approaching the speed of light) or are very, very small (on the order of the size of an atom or smaller).  These  circumstances require different approaches to Physics and, as disciplines, are still very much in their infancy. 

Quantum Mechanics is one of these topics - it is, essentially, the study of the very, very small.  More specifically, it is the study of the interactions that take place at the sub-atomic level.  These interactions, as we will deal with them, involve the electron and its behavior in the atom.  So for our purposes here, we will provide an overview of Quantum Mechanics and some of the early pioneers in the field as well as a very shallow look at some of the basic tenets of the theory.  Frankly, this will just scratch the surface of the topic.  But for now, that's all we need to do.