About Kents Hill Physics

This website is primarily designed to support the Physics Classes of Kents Hill School.  For the College Prep Classes, your basic lessons and text are contained entirely within this site and this is your primary resource.  We encourage you to search further (beyond the pages of this site) when you have additional questions or just want to go deeper into a topic.  It will be imperative that you watch and read the lessons during your evening study time and that you come to class prepared with homework complete and ready to share any questions you may have on the material.  Class time will be devoted primarily to labs and explorations, problem solving sessions, and clarification of the reading.  The nightly homework questions at the end of each lesson will help both you and your instructors gauge how well you understand the material.

For the Honors and Advanced Placement classes, these pages will summarize the salient points of the lessons learned in class and may help bring into focus some of the topics.  As time passes and this website matures, the material will be expanded. 

Suggestions to the site are always welcome!  See one of the Physics teachers if you have recommendations for improving these pages.  Have a great year in Physics!